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Bapu gari bommo He bongarallanti k.. telugu song lyrics from movie Attarintiki Daredi

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And I proved to be the eyes, rings , hair bommo Hey bongarallanti proved to me, a lot to be done before the gingiralette waist spiral horns, rubber, glass colors led Jasmine bommo Copper springs are built on the edge of the red ribbon was feeling a lot of nannegaresindi gammo its vision of the Old Copper Coral mank rammo pedavulto by the war that toppled the baby knives she won me over to the dance muddara yadapaine nartincindi I do not think the two could be done Ah ha bommo Hey Hey ho , a horn .. I 'd love to Copper battalarestu Cooney ragamedo leading the way on the life of the calf pindesela perform the prelude to a glass of coffee yesterday, slim fingers touched the soft, sexy electric tigai cetikandistu the pope is to increase the pressure iteration High and High .. filling frenzy to see my vision come to my side, yes it's vesesindi pulalo Pinch me civarancullo impound thread made ​​my chest frill poddupoddunne guccesindi she quietly tells him to put the kallokostundi poddastamanam Hello .. any mayalokanlono me a lot , and I gurtostontondi distance Namtha lock the door to ask? pogottesindi musindi to the edges of the clouds and the sound of mosesindi my mind went straight to the heart to hold the ladder and vice versa, and to shut guppeta added today to the sweet breath again muccatalenno galai sandalwood trees of the country's efforts to take on the cache hit accesindi nothing cupulake glasses beads beauty dandalo ask me, she was pinned Ah .. మైతెలుగులిరిక్స్ . Com
Song keywords: Bapu gari bommo He bongarallanti kallu tippindi ungaralunna juttu tippindi gingiralette nadumu ompullo nanne tippindi ammo bapu gari bommo olammo mallepula kommo rabbaru gajula rangu teesindi buggala anchuna erupu rasindi ribbonu kattina galipatamla nannegaresindi ammo dani chupu gummo olammo old monk rummo pagadala pedavulto padagottindi pilla kat.... - బాపు గారి బొమ్మో హే బొంగరాల్లాంటి కళ్ళు తిప్పింది ఉంగరాలున్న జుట్టు తిప్పింది గింగిరాలెత్తే నడుము ఒం
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